So the Boston Globe cruelly set me up for a broken boner when they reported on Thursday that A&E was to air the new Aerosmith episode of Biography that night and yet I couldn't find any trace of that shit. Looking at the listings, you found wall-to-wall Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime. Anyway, VH1 isn't fucking around with tonight's premiere of double-veiny bonertastic Iron Maiden: Flight 666. My timer is set to record two extra hours on either side of it in case it runs over. And under. I haven't been this worked up since The Perfect Storm/MI:2/Shaft (2000) at the drive-in. Or since At The Drive-In at First Avenue. I tells ya, after sitting through documentaries about shit that is neato  but clearly yknow not my thing (skateboarding, punk), it's grand to finally have quality Metal porn like Metal: A Headbanger's Journey and Get Thrashed. The dudes who lived Thrash Metal and Iron Maiden are making films about it, and in Decibel Magazine's case, canonizing not Master of Puppets but the superior ...And Justice For All. Not to mention Municipal Waste and Warbringer. These are our people. Anyway, Flight 666: The DVD comes out on Tuesday with a bonus live disc bam. 

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