Man, some people just don't know how to have fun, huh? Jog over to MetalSucks and check out the ugly reaction to today's installment of 21 Best Metal Albums of the 21st Century... So Far: awful Machine Head's terrible The Blackening at 17. And though I disagree (ahem look up there), I'm rational enough to know that this ranking is determined by a bunch of dudes, none of whom I'd douse with insults given the opportunity. Ok maybe Psychostick. But anyway, I'm not even sure the MetalSucks guys are doing anything beyond satisfying their own curiosity by asking the opinion of everyone they know who knows Metal. It's not like we have to throw away CDs that don't appear on the list. It's not like you don't have the power to start your own damn shit and put fucking Moonsorrowponds or whatever atop the list of 21 Lamest Chunks of Monkeyshit of the Last 21 Minutes sponsored by YoureADickCuzGodForbidSucksAssYouFaggot.net. People I implore you: Chill the fuck out. We're only on 16. And there are like 400 options. The list cannot be wrong. It cannot suck. It can't be bullshit. It's a vote taken in a tavern to settle an imaginary bet. Go ahead: Be surprised that non-retards like Hatebreed. Be irate that one of Robb Flynn's many rip-offs is beloved by so few. Be wowed by MY vote for #16 (above). Just be nice or they won't do 20 Best Metal Albums of the 20th Century. Sheesh.

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οροφέρνης said...

is this an "american bands only" thing?