It's painful that after achieving my life's mission to reside in Suicidal Tendencies country, I realize that I'm more than a decade too late. This is why it's dangerous to set your life's goals at age 11 and based on an ad in Thrasher. My paradise of young, angry Metal heads strutting around on angel dust with flannels split to the chin, chinos, and hat brims flipped up may be a long-dead memory/hallucination, but it's promising that ST mark III is alive and playing mediocre punk in Europe. Cuz that means the day is drawing near when the Thrash revival penetrates the ST camp, resulting in a full-blown reunion/celebration of How Will I Laugh Tomorrow.../Controlled By Hatred.../Lights...-era material.

For now, new single "Come Alive" at least hints at classic crossover thrash (guitar solos!) which is nice. The next step is to strip singer Mike Muir of that bar league softball team jersey-style ST shirt. On second thought, it's a step up from this blasphemous douche bag action (above).


Anonymous said...

Mike Muir need look no further than Jesse James to brush up on his cholo look. What the fuck white people.

Anonymous said...

You make no f*cking sense! You make no sense to me!! Seriously though, what the hell are you talking about? Cyco Miko doesn't follow trends - never has. He's been dressing the way he dresses for decades - NOW you want to complain about the baseball shirts? Come on. People like you irritate me to no end. You are concerned with what is cool and what's not cool, eh?

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