When I last spoke with Blaine Cartright of Athens, GA's Nashville Pussy, he detailed the band's blossoming popularity in Europe, and the band's label home, the Germany-based SPV/Steamhammer. We also touched on NP's rocky record label history, starting with regional powerhouse Amphetamine Reptile for debut Let Them Eat Pussy, a Grammy-nominated classic later re-released under the banner of Tom Zatout's Enclave. That label was killed soonafter by EMI. Shit.

NP's second record, High As Hell, was released by TVT; albums 3 - 6 were not. Said album six, this spring's From Hell To Texas, is awesome and deserves the big label treatment, if only outside of tight-ass America, a service that can be provided by the massive SPV group. Oh wait. Scratch that last part. 
SPV Schallplatten Produktion und Vertrieb GmbH in Hanover has declared itself insolvent.  The managing partner, Manfred Sch├╝tz, decided to submit an application to commence insolvency proceedings on May 25 - roughly equivalent to Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  According to government-appointed legal administrators, the management of SPV GmbH will not only carry on business operations, but also continue working in the areas of production and distribution in the usual way.

According to a statement issued, the aim is not only to secure as many jobs as possible in the long term, but also to retain the justified confidence of its customers and suppliers, built up over a period of 25 years.

According to sources, other recording companies are interested in buying SPV although no names have been mentioned.
Ok I'm not sure why the hell German language has to be so fucked-up but once you recover from that opening throat-clearing, notice how the government will work with the company to ensure its quarter-century of bringing the world late-era Motorhead and Kreator records will not be for naught. Hey how much do you suppose they want for the Dead Again masters? I've got $50. I'll throw in another $20 if Peter Steele never again assumes the above Prince via Vanilla Ice pose. 

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