Most of Aerosmith has had mental or physical collapses in the last few years, and it seems guitarist Brad Whitford isn't immune. This is a rich person injury if I've ever heard of one. From Reuters:

Whitford, 57, is recovering from surgery for internal bleeding after he apparently banged his head while getting out of his Ferrari about a week before the tour began last Wednesday in St. Louis.

"It built up pressure and gave him this whoopin' headache," said guitarist Joe Perry. "He's not prone to getting migraines, so knew something was wrong. He went right in, they did what they had to do, and now he's getting better."
What Perry excluded from the story is that, in actuality, Whitford collided with the Ferrari door after slipping on some caviar in diamond shoes. That's why Brad's guitar tech is holding up stage right at $100-cheap seats arena shows. That article goes on to say that Aerosmith will cease performing the filler-speckled Toys In The Attic at tourstops, opting instead for the superior Rocks starting around Cincinatti I guess. According to Perry, singer Steven Tyler isn't able to sing Toys closer "You See Me Cryin'" which is not a good song. Hey it happens. Neither is "Adam's Apple" or "Round And Round." Anyway, I'm going to this shit with my attractive girlfriend cuz at least three of these guys are a viagra overdose away from early retirement and ZZ Top is a quality-ish opener with a really sweet crew. Not like those Harry Connick Jr pricks.


Anonymous said...

If Aerosmith had any balls they'd get back on drugs and crank Night in the Ruts.

SkErika said...

yeah. then they'd die.