Twice former Warrant singer Jani Lane looks pretty unhappy in all the documentary footage I've ever seen. He sounded like fine aged donkey shit on that Warrant reunion tour (here and here) so it's wild wacky shit to hear him proudly tell a Maryland audience at 1:38 above "I don't give a shit what you call me, but I am Warrant." It was during a Lane solo show (Kix was there sweet) ugh but I prefer to imagine him thumping his chest while berating a guy with a fork-stab wound to the thigh while saying it, like Alan Arkin in Slums of Beverly Hills. At any rate, sure, Jani Lane is Warrant. No one disputes that or requires reminding. Too bad Lane was swallowed by a bloated, red-faced, no-singing ghoul who then pickled the aghast writer of "Heaven" and "So Damn Pretty" in rail alcohol and vicodin. Swingin'!

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