The product of extensive number crunching, our calculations read that at 1pm in L.A., Faith No More's Download Festival set will be webcast here. Not to be all ungrateful but how about more notice next time? Now I have to reschedule with my cake/pie guy who's in town from Tempe with a trunkful of hot Entenmann's. He's gonna screw me on the crullers but it'll be worth it to confirm FNM's level of awesomeness, cuz British reviewers seem so full of shit and I'm sure as hell not taking retarded-ass Joe Elliott's word for it. Iddiott dishes out backhanded compliments to FNM before praising the career, money, and fake longevity provided to his band by Mutt Lange to Metal Hammer:
When Faith No more got together I was raving about them. They were embarrassed, I think because they weren’t Leppard fans! Those guys went through such a meteoric rise that they didn’t know where they were, then they released an album no-one bought and they split up.

Kudos to bands like us and Iron Maiden who’ve managed to avoid all that. Now the band are older and wiser, they’ll probably say, ‘I wish I’d done it differently’ and I can’t help having a wry smile ‘cos we did things differently.
I'm not sure the guys in Faith No More were hanging on your every word in the 90s while they grew into the most interesting band on earth and you were imploring the world's population to join you in getting rokked as the leader of producer Mutt Lange's backing band. The logic at work here is rickety at best, and cloudy enough that I can't make heads or tails of his comments on "an album no-one bought" [sic]. Surely you speak not of Angel Dust (above). And get Iron Maiden's name out your mouth, dingus. There is no "us and Iron Maiden." Maybe "us and Bryan Adams."

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