Dave Grohl Out Of Metal!

Foo Fighters are just inoffensive enough to be tolerated by adventurous squares; rockers, in search of some vaguely relatable pop music, can buy their records without shame since FF frontman Dave Grohl vacations in Metal. Whatever -- the guy's a tourist with a battery of bonerless songs. That doesn't mean FF (fronted by Gaz Coombes of real rock band Supergrass) can't groove one off the tee. From Thursday night's VH1 Rock Honors:

The Rock Honors series has been awful so far, pairing marketable bands (Pearl Jam, FF, Flaming Lips) with teflon, misremembered legends from an imagined era (The Who); if it were really about the music, man, they woulda invited WASP. (And maybe even these mouth-breathers.)


HAUS said...

That's all.

Dandywick Fussypants said...

Hey, he did do a nice Cliff-Burton-esque hairwhip. Sorry for mentioning Dave Grohl in the vicinity of The GHOAT (Greatest Hesher Of All Time), but I was impressed.

Vince Neilstein said...

i'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you. dave grohl is totally the man. end of story!