Prague Rock City: Chris Rock Is Metal

A friend of the HooM! program is an occasional visitor to Prague, Czech Republic; from the sounds of it, you gotta have stones to hang out anywhere beyond your hotel lobby. Well, comedian Chris Rock not only has stones, but his are black and he uses them for the forces of metal (when he's not drawing rabid cheers from HooM! HQ for commentary and covert shenanigans). From Rock's Only Black Guy Concert Reviews at today's celebrity.myspace.com:

This week my assignment was to see C******y at Madison Square Garden. Now being the only black guy can sometimes be dangerous like the time I was the only black guy at an AC/DC concert in Prague. There not use to seeing black people at all in Prague, but a black guy singing "Hells Bells" was just a little to much for them to take.

Rock goes on to describe the NYC C******y show, but where's the full story on the adventures of AC/DC's only non-white fan in Prague? Also, Rock mentions sole black guy status at both Van Halen and The Cure concerts this year. Spill it, man!

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