You Can Start Making It Up To Us Right Now: Johnny Truant

At HooM! HQ, seldom has an opportunity passed unseized to bitch about the demise of Sikth, spaz-prog gods from Britain. It surprised the shit outta me to find out that Sikth records weren't even available stateside, thus rendering the band's uncooperative but riveting albums fighting chance-less. Well, it's probably time to stop crying over that and start celebrating this, from Blabbermouth:
Ferret Music has announced the signing of Johnny Truant. The UK-based band's new album, No Tears For The Creatures, will be released in the U.S. on September 30.

Kerrang! has called Johnny Truant "technically outstanding and sonically devastating" and Rock Sound calls No Tears "another brutal metallic assault even more twisted, bitter, and distorted."

Johnny Truant vocalist Olly Mitchell: "We are so proud to be part of such an awesome label. We can't wait to come to the U.S. and tour, it's been a dream for us. It's gonna be one huge fucking party."
It seemed for a while that Johnny Truant would suffer a similar fate to Sikth, though JT's expansive metalcore is a picnic on the beach compared to Sikth's virtuosic hyper-prog. Do what you must to procure JT's second album, In The Library Of Horrific Events, a brilliantly challenging record right between Cave In's Until Your Heart Stops and Minus' Jesus Christ Bobby. And it was produced by Killswitch Engayge guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz. More Johnny Truant praise: 
“Underrated Brighton quintet Johnny Truant could finally find their bullish, brawny metalcore in vogue.”  -- Q  

“The brightest lights shining on the UK metal scene right now.” -- Metal Hammer

"Without a doubt the sexiest, most Metal dude I've ever seen. I read HooM! every morning and his lusty prose makes my breasts sweaty." -- Zhang Ziyi, star of Memoirs of a Geisha, 2046
Ok that last one was about me and is partially untrue; actually, Zhang reads HooM! every evening. Nuuuge.

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