The Crown Is Back: Dozens Celebrate

Ok holy tits this is awesome. Great leaping shitballs. From Blabbermouth:
Four former members of the now-defunct Swedish death/thrash act The Crown have reunited in a brand new project which is currently working on its debut album. Magnus Olsfelt (bass), Marko Tervonen (guitar), Marcus Sunesson (lead guitar) and Janne Saarenp√§√§ (drums) have joined forces with an as-yet-undisclosed singer and are recording a collection of tunes which are being described as "pure death/thrash metal." 
The Crown is back! Mostly! Sure, the absence of singer Johan Lindstrand is conspicuous, even considering the awesomeness of his ball-crushing death-and-roll band One Man Army & The Undead Quartet. One could argue that it's wiser to assume a fresh identity anyway -- that is, with or without Lindstrand -- since The Crown (the name) may sag under the weight of what we in the biz call 'negative value.' Then again, who gives a rat's ass. Just turn my shits up!

The real question is: Is there anything HooM! can't accomplish through the powers of suggestion? Boy, I hope it doesn't rain burritos today.

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