This won't be the last time I nut all over a producer, but Terry Date is awesome. I mean, c'mon:
  • Overkill -- The Years of Decay, Horrorscope
  • Dredg -- Catch Without Arms
  • Pantera -- Cowboys From Hell, Vulgar Display of Power
  • Soundgarden -- Badmotorfinger
  • 24-7 Spyz -- Strength In Numbers
  • Metal Church -- Blessing In Disguise
Unimpressed by the above list? Well, retard, go fuck yourself because you are stupid, you stupid fucking retard. While Date is renowned as one of earth's best and most versatile sound engineers, it's HooM!'s opinion that no producer draws better performances out of bands. Or hides deficiencies as well, like a Hubie Brown (above) of loud rock production. Plus, we're not even including the four brilliant Deftones records helmed by Date*. And things are proceeding nicely on production of the quintet's forthcoming sixth album Eros. From Blabbermouth:
Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham: "We're almost finished tracking our record up here at The Spot and we'll head up to Terry's studio in Seattle next month to add the final touches and begin mixing. We're all excited about how this record is taking shape, and can't wait to share it with all of you!"
* For 2006's Saturday Night Wrist, Deftones enlisted Bob Ezrin, who was on a nice run as well with Jane's Addiction's Strays and Army Of Anyone's debut

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