This Guy Gets Laid

Speaking of the walking dead, how about that Mick Mars, guitarist for Motley Crue. Mars' 24-year old girlfriend, certain of his impending doom -- or at least shrinkage to invisibility -- has declared to the world that she wuvs the widdle guy. Awww. From Blick magazine (via Blabbermouth): 
Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars' Swiss girlfriend, 24-year-old former Miss Z├╝rich contestant Seraina Sch├Ânenberger, met Mars, 57, at a June 2007 Motley Crue concert in Switzerland and the couple has been virtually inseparable ever since.

"It was love at first sight. You never know, maybe someday we will actually get married."
Heartwarming! Oh but wait: The article states that Schonenberger -- German for 'gold-digger' -- is ahem 'traveling' with the band on Crue's current cash-grab tour and appears in their new awful video. Good luck with that. 


Vince Neilstein said...

am i the only one left wondering, given mick mars' physical state, how the deed gets done?

Anso said...

i assume he lays on the floor with a bunch of towels. Like Steve Nash.

Anonymous said...

It's 10 years later and he's supposedly 65ish - more like 85ish I'd say!