Your Servant Is Your Master: Trivium's 'Shogun'

At some point during the long, blurry Independence Day weekend, it came up that rapper Immortal Technique and wad of gay Sting have something in common, having both lyrically referenced Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. It turns out that one of contemporary Metal's hunkiest, crappiest bands, Trivium, can join the Sting party as well: Metal Injection reports the quartet has released song titles for their Nick Raskulinecz-produced third album, Shogun. Can you spot the Sting lyric? And from what Sting-penned song? I hope not! 

Trivium -- Shogun (Roadrunner Records) due September 30
Kirisute Gomen*
Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis
Down From The Sky
Into The Mouth Of Hell We March
Throes Of Perdition
He Who Spawned the Furies
Of Premetheus And The Crucifix
The Calamity
Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven

It's adorable to see singer/guitarist Matt Heafy embrace (the corniest part of) his Japanese heritage on the album, assuredly inspiring countless neck tattoos. On the bright side, after two unlistenable albums, Trivium may be primed to cease paying lip service to classic thrash bands and make some memorable music. Glad there's a song about Furries.

* "Sorry About Slaying You, Dude"

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