Rock Or Perish: Protest The Hero

Above all else, we at HooM! value honesty; so while my boss enters hour two of Tuesday Afternoon Checkbook Balance Time, I'll come clean: I'm a big fat homo for emo-prog-metal crazies Protest The Hero (above, note the Sikth tee). The sad part: It's not that I'm bonered up by the rampant guitardation. It's the melodies! Shit is too catchy, yo. 

HooM! Presents
The Top Five Parts Of Protest The Hero Songs Stuck In My Head All The Goddamn Time

5. "Palms Read" (2:36 - 3:25)
Those deep-set, pitch-perfect harmony vocals, dayaaam!

4. "The Dissentience" (2:26 - 2:54)
Again: All about the vox here. OK fine and the killer guitar theme that follows. 

3. "Bloodmeat" (1:00 - 1:14)
I feel like the guy in the room who really digs Sexual Chocolate. Dude can sang. Goddamn.

2. "Bone Marrow" (1:02 - 1:24)
Cedric Bixler-Zavala Von Wafro is busy half-aping Bjork (that sounds gross), but PTH's Rody Walker (it's about time we put name to dude) is wailing on him anyway with acrobatics all up in this bitch. 'bo-Ho-HO-Ho-hone. bo-Ho-HO-Ho-HO-HO-Hone!'

1. "Sequoia Throne" (:34 - :49)
This singer + these guitarists = awesome. Get newest record, get pretentious remix ep, and see live. Watch video, enjoy  blue-ribbon headbanging. Or PERISH!  

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Vince Neilstein said...

This band is fucking phenomenal.