HooM! Point/Counterpoint: Bret Michaels vs. Jani Lane

People Want To Rock Again
Bret Michaels, Poison

People are ready. They want to hear rock again; they want to go out and party and have fun. You want to go to a summer concert and not watch a band staring at its shoes for six hours and complaining. I think people want to hear rock. Everything is cyclical. Everyone wants to go to the party and the red carpet, but my life is 90% work. My icing on the cake is the hour and a half I play on stage.

We Intend To Come Out And Rock The House
Jani Lane, Warrant

We're just really looking forward to doing this tour and showing people that this is not just a 'Let's go and do one last thing as a last hurrah.' We intend to come out, rock the house, have a great tour, and show people that we're gonna be around for a while. We're going to make a quality record and we'll see what happens. I'm pretty excited about it. We'll see you all this summer. Somewhere! Sometime!

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