Slipknot If You Know What's Good For You

Like all metal heads, I have a complicated relationship with Slipknot. At their best, the Iowa nonet is brain-crushing modern metal propelled by two killer guitarists unafraid to flaunt their devotion to death metal; at worst, itty-bitty macho man Corey Taylor and co. are little else than an over-marketed nu-jock swing act tethered to at least two superfluous drummers. Which makes for a chaotic live show, even if 'Knot boss Shawn Crahan is exhausted by stage time from writing that many checks (and one of his guys is sitting down on the job). 

Even in their most embarrassing moments, Slipknot is always memorable. To wit: I'll never forget hurriedly taking an unmastered, not-final-mix promo of Slipknot's self-titled debut out of a packing envelope to make room for the sloppy remains of my lunch's clam chowder. You had to wrap it in something, then throw it out or those keen-nosed city desk pussays would bitch. (I miss you and your breadsticks, hidden deli of love.) Oh yeah. Slipknot's "Psychosocial" pro quality live video below. Thanks Metal Injection.

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