Even at Pantera's dizzying peak, Philip Anselmo was second fiddle to the fabulous Abbott brothers. I guess that makes him third fiddle but whatever: Like David Lee Roth, Anselmo was huge, even in the shadow of mega-talent. Fame promptly squandered, Anselmo rushed to begin his second career as a full-time blowhard, warring publicly with the world's cuddliest guitar player when not shitting out awful records (yes, Down sucks ass) and wasting drugs. Want to know more? You bet you do. From Blabbermouth:

Vocalist Philip Anselmo (Down, Superjoint Ritual) has begun writing his autobiography. Anselmo apparently revealed the news to photographer Ross Halfin Sunday following Down's performance in Istanbul, Turkey opening for Metallica. Halfin writes: "I walk to the dressing room and Phil grabs me for a hug [and] tells me he's writing a book about his time doing what he does and it'll include his time in Pantera."

Hey Phil, me and the girls from marketing worked up a teaser for your forthcoming tome: Do you love delusional ex-junkie bullshit? Do you read Dave Mustaine's blog and own a copy of The Heroin Diaries? Do you want the inside story of a bitter, envious cockbag's plan to stifle, belittle, and derail modern Metal's most charismatic figure? Buy Buttboy From Hell today! 


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