Irony Alert: Dead Person Identified Thanks To KISS

It's Monday so forgive the softball, but aren't all KISS fans rotting corpses in the philosophical sense? I've seen those mindless bimbos trudging into concerts and conventions like ghosts haunting their long-deceased childhoods, calming lowering their trousers to welcome Gene Simmons' all-probing money-sniffing dong. Talk about Stockholm syndrome. From Edmonton Sun:
It all started last Nov. 3, when the body of an unknown man was discovered in a wooded area near Vegreville. Eleven days later, police released several photos in an attempt to identify the man ... showing a denim jacket with several [buttons] -- including several for KISS. 

"Once I saw the jacket, I knew that it was my friend's," said Ken Peterson, who grew up with Goodwin in rural Saskatchewan. "There [are] not too many people who have that amount of [buttons] all on one denim jacket."
This hilarious girl at a party once asked me to verify the lyrics of KISS' best-loved song, wondering what it meant to "rock and roll all nite/and probably every day." Hi-larious. Anyway, the Edmonton Sun article goes on to quote Peterson as saying he wants to thank Gene Simmons. Y'know, for selling the dead guy some cheap shit. Maybe dude should've spent that money on a helmet. Or these.

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