Somebody out there is living my dream! From Tampa Bay Online:
A woman became increasingly drunk as the night went on at Tuesday's Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival in Tampa, Florida and began punching people around her, Hillsborough deputies say.

According to a sheriff's office affidavit: After she began punching people, Danielle Lacie Ferrero, 25, kicked and spat on deputies trying to eject her from the concert.
Yes! At the concerts of yesteryear, drunk crazies would just stumble around harmlessly, cheering in the wrong direction and staining their cut-offs. Even if you'd, say, grind up on some wide-assed secretaries at an Aerosmith show, your shame was minimal and localized. But, thanks to the internet, Ferrero could be the Tila Tequila of today's new breed of proactive, goals-oriented stumblebum, a freedom fighter who valiantly battled against the growing epidemic of Disturbed fandom, one poorly-aimed girlpunch at a time. 

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