The Colbert Report: 'Peart'ing The Red Sea

I guess there are people for whom the psychic pain of modern life's crushing shittiness is unbearable. As a grudge-bearing, mentally unstable coward, I'm actually amped for the imminent class war and the planet's transformation into a 'barren hellscape'; there are scores to settle. Watch your back, world! 

What was I talking about. Oh yeah. I was heading toward the point that watching Comedy Central's The Colbert Report is a fun way to keep tally of future vengeance kills (murderous free marketists and facism apologists and other mindless jerks). Until last night, that is, when fucking Rush stopped by for an interview/performance segment with Stephen Colbert. But it was so much more.

That this Colbert Report appearance is Rush's first on US TV in 33 years means that non-fans don't ever see these Canadian fuckers rip shit up. (I've unintentionally seen C*****y perform three times this month. Verdict: Total pussies.) So rejoice, Metal People, that tons of sheltered kids and ignorant adults popped their first full-mast ear-boners last night. I know if Neil Peart and his enormous drum kit (above) humped my unsuspecting face on a Wednesday night, there'd be crusty tissue disposal arrangements to be made.  

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