Holy Shit: Gorgoroth's Gaahl Is Fruity!

There was a time when TV didn't go near skateboarding, save for the occasional news segment decrying the culture's disregard for public property and sweetly menacing attitude towards authority; these days, I revel in the glory of listening to my friends bitch every time a commercial for diapers or fruit snacks features some heavily be-padded suburbanite awkwardly posing with a skateboard. Metal's too gross and hateful to get that far, but it's awesome that there are fucking three feature-length Metal movies on the radar. Nuuuge! 

More on those later; as it relates to the subject at hand (the Metal world brought to full flame by hilarious black metal gayness), let it be known that in the terrific 2005 doc Metal: A Headbanger's Journey, the measured tones of mega-satanist Gaahl of black metallists Gorgoroth instilled in me that buzzy combination of respect, fear, and desire to mock. As of today, scratch those last two off the list and replace with "cheer" and "desire to cuddle." From Blabbermouth:
On stage with Gorgoroth, Gaahl is the very definition of a mother-in-law's nightmare.

The long-haired, evil-looking man with corpse paint scares the hell out of the parent generation, while fans all over the world love and admire his terrifying masculinity.

Together with modeling agent Dan DeVero, however, he displays far more feminine sides.

The musician dressed in black and the fur-wearing modeling agent are behind the clothing collection Wynjo, which will launch in 2009.

The two men became very close friends after they met a year and a half ago.

"We had hired models from DXD Models for a music video. During the shoot, Dan suddenly appeared and became upset with us because one of his models had been served wine. That was the first time I met him," says Gaahl, or Kristian Espedal, which is his real name.

DeVero's rage, however, quickly turned to warmer feelings.

"Kristian and I developed a close relationship, and he often told me he had strong feelings for me," DeVero tells iBergen.no while Espedal silently drinks from his glass of wine.

A year and a half later they are no longer swooning, but they are still partners. Thanks to their unlikely meeting in 2006, they've put their heads and wallets together to launch something as unique as as a wholly Norwegian clothing collection for women.
So nowhere does it state that Gaahl is according-to-Hoyle gay, but he is unveiling a line of dresses with a well-groomed young fashion industry stud, for whom he has ahem "strong feelings." Yeah. So. 

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