AC/DC: Short On Album Titles

It's awesome that AC/DC's second minor slump was busted with 2000's Stiff Upper Lip, which saw the band deftly muting their blunt, thudding rock and injecting some sly dynamics. But that was, like, eons ago. What the world needs now is an AC/DC epic in the classic mold: bare-bones production, anthemic choruses, heavy blues licks, and pervy single-entendres by the barrelful. Undercover News (Australia) reports: 
We will know next week what the title of the new AC/DC album will be but Black Ice looks like a front-runner at the moment.

AC/DC have three titles being considered for the album, another one being Runaway Train, Albert Music's Danny Keenan confirms for Undercover News.
Huh. Black Ice sounds like Quentin Tarentino movie about a ninja from Long Beach who kills people with her vagina. Hope that third title refers to ejaculation somehow.

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