Earth To Avenged Sevenfold: No Duh

Remember that episode of The Simpsons when Mr. Burns, coaching the company softball team, replaces Darryl Strawberry with Homer in the ninth inning? Notice that Homer didn't taunt the crowd in attendance, since only an idiot would blame them for booing? Well, fucking Earth to Avenged Sevenfold: You are Homer. Iron Maiden is Darryl Strawberry. From Blabbermouth:
Musica Metal has posted video footage of a visibly irritated Avenged Sevenfold performing a short cover of Pantera's "Walk" in response to chants for headliners Iron Maiden during the California band's June 27, 2008 concert at the Gods of Metal festival in Bologna, Italy.
Avenged Sevenfold frontman M Shadows, mega-dork, is even hilariouser than usual in the clip, rapping with the Maiden fans about his 'boys in Bullet For My Valentine' AKA metal's other phony-ass joke of a band. I'm sure Shadows gets even funnier/more retarded but the clip's sound isn't loud enough to drown out my brain's screaming. I guess they played "Walk." How original. Get it? 'Cause those Italian fans weren't "Re! Spect!"-ing the band. Which the band disagrees with. How cute. Clip below; it's your funeral.

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