Surrounded By Assholes: Origin

As ad revenues continue to pour in at HooM! HQ, I'm able to earmark petty cash for the little extras; today, for example, my accountants have approved a leg-and-ankle session with HooM!'s crack physical therapist in prep for all the swift nut-kicking slated for this summer Tuesday. Yes, friends, today the full spectrum of delusion and retardation is represented: this bloated chump crapping in the faces of his fans; this 'Cubic Zirconia Dave' wanker pretending he has fans; and this fucking piece of shit-fuck crapping in the faces of somebody else's fans (ironically, the same fans the aforementioned wanker pretends to have). 

For countering the forces of evil (the sucky kind), let us all praise Decibel Magazine, Sick Drummer.com, Relapse Records, and some other corporate sponsors for the Relapse Contamination Tour 2008, featuring Origin (above, nice mitties alert), Misery Index, and Abysmal Dawn. Dates here. We're there. 

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Rachelle said...

I do believe I'm going to learn something here...