Speaking of Wisconsin metal, how about that Lazarus A.D. in this new and very Metal video for The Onslaught's "Revolution", featuring footage from umm that looks like Summerfest. As it happens, a super Realm bootleg I've heard is from Summerfest though 15 years earlier; it's on an old TDK tape but you can still hear ripping then-new songs "Final Argument of Kings" and "The Other Side of Me" plus their King Crimson number "One More Red Nightmare" and the conveniently forgotten "Partnerz 'N Crime." Ok in all fairness, that spelling is unconfirmed but there's no question that prog-thrashers Realm did write and perform a jokey rap song a la "I'm The Man," with pro-safe sex messages and crap. Otherwise, they're awesome and Lazer Ass A.D. is too so one wonders if these studs aren't transplants to the area. See, I know a guy who's paternal grandmother is one-quarter Wisconsinish and that dude can't even spell the word guitar let alone play one.

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Anonymous said...

Wisconsin stage banter would be awesome.

Hey dere Manitowoc how ya do in? How bout dem Packers hey? Dis one here's for Earl Jacoby all da way from Appleton. It's called Foraged in Blood.

I'm willing to bet at some point they talk about deer season too. Then it's off to the supper club post show. Unless it's Friday, then they hit up the fish fry at the nearest Lutheran church.