I was trying to convince myself today that, having once distractedly half-listened to Devin Townsend's new record, I am now merely taking some time off from it. That was nearly three months ago, reports iTunes, taunting me. The truth is that I'm scared to listen to it a second time. In retrospect, I kinda shoulda been in crash positions for the record what for all the bizarre conceptual ground he's been covering in recent interviews, but please let's respect each other and take it as a given that no matter what is said, whatever the record turned out to be would turn out good. Devin's shit is like that sometimes; it's really big, weird, poppy Metal written, performed, produced, and released by the same handful of people. I've never once misidentified a band's song as one of Devin's, which is the confusing way of saying his records are pure Devin and even the bands for whom he creates whole records don't really live in the same world or galaxy even.

The point I'm slowing sneaking up on is that way back in early summer on that Monday that I stubbed my toe all to fuck and listened to Ki, I did not at all understand what I was hearing. It sounded like a bunch of dicking around! Mumbling! Very little of the album remains in my memory, but simply put I did not get it. I distinctly remember thumbing through a Scientific American or some shit while listening to it! Yes, sadly it is true! And it turns out I've been in denial about this fact since fucking June 22. The reviews are positive and reliable Vince Neilstein likes it. I have to listen to it again eventually, so my hope is it's one of those records like say Mental Vortex or Streets that make no sense at first and then rule your ballz 4 life. If not, it basically means that life has disowned me and I'm in a bad mood until further notice. Wish me luck. Do iiit.

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Patrick said...

Alan Parsons will sue!!!