Daath guitarist Eyal Levi's guest column on Metal Sucks struck close to home on Tuesday in its frank discussion of drunk driving. I consider myself a drunk driving scholar, simply because it's easy to take notes from the passenger seat while careening down the streets of America's drunk driving Graceland. For some it's a macho thing ("I ain't jrunk"), while for most in that region, it's the result of suicidal tendencies (not the good kind, but justified still). For my friends, though, it was a skill. It was the only time they paid attention to the road. And I cultivated my preternatural ability for spotting hidden highway cops. Rollers! I'd exclaim, and joints would be lowered and the driver would step off the hood and re-enter the car. Safety first.

I'm pretty sure that ex-Warrant singer Jani Lane isn't legally allowed to be intoxicated following his DUI in June, which probably explains why lately he can successfully breathe and hit notes in concert, as evidenced by footage from an August 28 gig in Hollywood. My spine kinks at the thought of sobriety -- especially gulp lasting sobriety -- but well-performed music is its own reward. So cheers to Jani for ceasing to suck donkey dicks in concert (here here or here). It's funny though, cuz when I heard Jani singing the correct words in the same key as the band, it felt like looking the wrong way through a peephole; I must be fucked up. Then I spied Bulletboys drummer Jimmy D'Anda behind the kit and never felt more sober. Life is weird.

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