It's a point of pride that I've never succumbed to the temptation to uncouthly hoot and holler at onstage chicks from the crowd. But now it seems likely that I would've done had there been a lass hot enough to require it. Which sucks, as a passion of mine is merciless ridicule of male Fiona Apple fans and other idiots who listen to music made by sexy dames. Tell me, I'd ask, do her tits appear before you when you push play?

Well, that semi-mature, faggy me died last summer when I heard Rodrigo y Gabriela (translation: Rodrigo and Gabriela). Now it's true, it's two acoustic guitars which I usually take in small doses. But as is well documented, R y G are awesome and have covered Metallica blah blah. Even mentioning their Metal tributes belittles the pair; their stuff breathes Metal even without these open nods to the greats of the genre. Both developed cutting-edge playing techniques, which I'd love to further explore once I bat my boner out of my eyes. Listen to the new record here. Gabriela call me!

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Anonymous said...

Whoooey boy you been done bit by the mezkin fever. In their lingo they call her "caliente". I believe it means hairy arms, snapping pussy. A couple of teardrop tattoos, a pitbull, some date rape drug, and you could be knocking the bottom out of that taco HooM style!