Besides the usual hay fever, another allergy I suffer from is an extreme sensitivity to crusading writers and their pet bands. Maybe it's the tone of exasperation, or the smugness that accompanies a real find. Worse is that nowadays, under-exposed bands are everywhere and likewise rabid band patrons number beyond actual journos to include empowered comment jockeys; Metal Sucks even turned over one Friday's operations to such a breathless, put-upon zealot.

Now on the other hand, this endorsement of an underloved band like Realm is justified, cuz few people are unlucky enough to live in Milwaukee (home to the band and most of its fans), their awesomeness levels roughly equal those of Atheist and Queensryche (seriously), and goddammit I'm trying to get a reunion tour going here (not getting any younger y'all). Turn it up and join the movement. No not that kind.

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