Something else I learned by religiously following Dee Snider's House of Hair is that an alarming number of hair rock classics may very well be about peeing on people. Steady your bowtie, sir, I shall continue. Ok for starters, Lita Ford's "Gotta Let Go" is pretty suggestive and there's really no doubt about "River of Love" by Lynch Mob. Then there's Ratt and the bizarrely anthemic HOH favorite "You're In Love" (above, worst video ever). I'm kinda ignorant about early Ratt cuz I got onboard with Top-10 All-Time Classic Single "Way Cool, Jr." (and its superb but overproduced Reach For The Sky album) and continue a lusty love affair also with Detonator, and shit I even love five or six tunes from the comeback record. But it's tough for me to go back in a band's catalogue. Doing so always results in disappointment, as the band sounds crude and underdeveloped; few bands have a stronger identity before a few records under their belt, and the rare acts with a formed personality from the jump (G n' R, Van Halen) invariably descend into insanity and wackness.

Anyway, the lyrics of the new wavey "You're In Love" are hilarious through a tinkle-tinted lens, such as singer Stephen Pearcy's description of a surprise piss attack from a stumble bum ("You take the midnight subway train/You're calling all the shots/You're struck by lightning/Urine Love!") or his boasts of accuracy ("I'm the one who's out and aims to please"). That's about whizzing on dudes seriously.

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Anonymous said...

Dance moves, fingerless gloves, bangs coyly hanging over one eye....goddamn straight he loves the man pee. He was intent on going to the next level until the Monsters of Rock hit Germany in 1988. There 3 giant Bavarians laid steaming Deutsches loafs on him. This led to guitarist Robin Crosby's death in 2002 from delayed Munich Fecal Syndrome. Today Stephen only urinates on the retarded, homeless, and Billy Idol.