I admit that when it comes to W.A.S.P., I'm pretty easy. For example, I once listened to The Neon God I + II in one sitting at the suggestion of frontman Blackie Lawless. Heck just the other day, all it took was the words pro-shot footage posted following the band's name and a colon (no not that kind) and next thing I knew, Blackie was creeping me out with his analrapist stare and then with concert footage of an extremely machine-assisted "L.O.V.E. Machine"; you can really tell how Trent Reznor's gonna look at 70. Side note "L.O.V.E. Machine" when not performed by voice-activated robots is totally me and my gf's song. It all started when I found a W.A.S.P. video hits VHS at the library. She said then that it was her first time seeing anyone sprinting from the checkout counter. It seems she's choosing to forget the homeless guy I shoulder-checked to get out the door.

Aaanyway one of my hatest things about Blackie is his political views, which are the stuff of caricature. But then again, screw it I really love The Headless Children, and Still Not Black Enough is up there too (judicious DIY editing tip: Axe one of the ballads, "Rock N' Roll To Death," and on the Jahpahneezu baazhone, also the ill-advised Queen cover "Tie Your Mother Down." I did and was able to pack Remain In Light on the same blank CD whammy). But seriously, have you ever heard The Headless Children? It's really good and includes Lita Ford, who, if the liner notes are to be believed, keeps guitarist Chris Holmes hard. I might be misremembering that and totally sound gay so hey look up there it's a song from that very album. It's about motorcycles!

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