I owe a debt of thanks to this guy at my old job whom no one could stand for furnishing me with Black Crowes' Warpaint record. That was last spring though I was shocked a couple weeks ago when I discovered that the earth-shattering album closer "Here Comes Daylight" is a bonus track? What the shit. So now I'm really grateful to superstud cuz there's no way I'd've gotten the iTunes version, and my life would be poorer one classic divorce song. But anyway it's a tremendous number so some personal issue must be the cause of its absence from the album proper. And yeah if I didn't have this Hal Leonard jihad on my plate, it'd be my mission to ask Crowes' singer Chris Robinson about it. At any rate, I think he could use some time to cool down after the brutal invectives he thundered down on venue security at Wednesday's gig (above). Freakouts are inherently funny and all the better when the shitfit is in the name of good. Good weed, I mean.

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