Last week, Aerosmith guitarist/shiny chest enthusiast Joe Perry kinda threw a scary bitch fit but like a battered wife, he is quickly and decisively retracting his not veiled threats to Steven Tyler. Tyler might deserve a rank-out cuz he's been acting funny lately. Not funny funny but funny weird. Fishy, even. But anyway, Perry may have overshot when he actually made like demands and stuff. I mean so what if Tyler (above, just pure money) is a diva in the midst of a um late-life crisis with new management, the standard issue piece of tail who's younger than his daughters, and at-best indifferent motor skills. I'm trying to wring another couple albums out of him so let's all kinda use collective consciousness power to make it happen. Look it's working on Perry, who promises the Boston Harold:
When we started using outside songwriters it definitely helped with our success in the '80s and '90s. I don't know, maybe it got too [easy] to rely on [them]. I don't think anybody really cares who writes the songs as long as they sound like Aerosmith songs and, at least to me, there have been times when we drifted away from [the Aerosmith sound]. I don't mind using outside songwriters but I'd still like to see an Aerosmith where the core of the music comes from the guys in the band. Maybe we have three more records in us. Maybe we have [about] seven years of touring.
I like this optimistic, bullshit-ish Perry much better than professor poutypants from last week. And yes we're all stomping on his dong for that little episode but he doesn't sound cranky! They should just barely tolerate and write some overtly derogatory and insulting songs. Like Faith No More or Sloan or Stone Temple Pilots.

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