Huh. So let's try to figure this out: The new Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans movie doesn't share a writer, director, star, character, setting, mood, message, or anything with the original Abel Ferrara/Harvey Keitel shocker. Which is weird, cuz I always thought when two entities share a name, they must have something else in common. It reminds me of the disappointing return to action from Cave In, Planets of Old (listen), an EP of uncharacteristically weak material which fails to even approach the timelessly hooky space-rock of their best albums or the feisty metalcore of their early outings.

I'm holding out hope that the record will get some needed context in concert -- with Coalesce at the Knitting Factory in October -- but ugh. And it's true, they just got back together, but at this point the quartet sounds confused, attempting to play music with which they are no longer connected. Or possibly trying to find a common ground on which all members of the band can meet, only to end up totally lost. Four grown men standing in the parking lot of their old high school. Well, somebody pass them this note I wrote in study hall: I'm mad at Cave In!

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