Dee Snider's syndicated House Of Hair radio show is awesome. But regular listeners will tell you that the producers have some preposterous songs on the HOH playlist. Most listeners can muscle through the Bon Jovi, Vixen, and ahem Saraya. Shit I actually like White Lion. But there are times that though drifting off to sleep, I burst out in neighbor-scaring laughter during these turds: limp, synthy come-ons voiced by pathetically unsexy dudes; horribly misguided paeans to rocking; and just outright fourth dimension absurdity. I present them to you in order of hilariousness. Restrain yourself.

10. Crazy Night / Loudness listen
9. King of Dreams / Deep Purple listen
8. Stranger In This Town / Richie Sambora listen
7. Fantasy / Aldo Nova listen
6. Street of Dreams / Rainbow listen
5. Into The Night / Frehley's Comet listen
4. Stone Cold / Rainbow listen
3. Where Eagles Fly / Sammy Hagar listen
2. Little Miss Dangerous / Ted Nugent listen
1. Knockin' At Your Back Door / Deep Purple listen

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Anso said...

must watch 'knockin' at your back door' video -- star wars meets mad max meets tom petty's 'you got lucky' video.