If staring deeply into the above image doesn't freak you the fuck out, this will! From FuckThatBand:
Attention Wal Mart shoppers, we are now selling sick ass "punk rawk" T-shirts. Check out our music section and look for the sign that says "Victory Records Fan 2-Pack." You have your choice of the following Fan Packs [exclusive CD + T-shirt bundle]: Between the Buried and Me (Yawn), Aiden (Still a Band?), Bayside (LOL), Silverstein (Canada, ya I know, I didn’t think people lived their either), and Atreyu (More Bats and More Eyeliner Please). These are great stocking stuffers! Collect all 5! 
That shit is silly. I remember my rage at being confronted with a huge rack of fucktarded AC/DC pajamas but puh-leeze. Victory Records merchandising division, please put it back in your pants. You're making fools of Minus, BTBAM, and all the nice people in publicity. It is NOT okay to be in business with Wal Mart. Money is important but not that important so unfuck yourselves! Y'know, for the children. Oh look an interview with the president of Taco Bell at Game 1 how fascinating.

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