It was a big day for me when, on my weekly 10-block walk to homeboy's house to watch The Wire, I saw a little sign announcing the opening of a new hot dog shop. This was smack at the midpoint of the trek, by which time I'd be hungry yet left with ample blocks to leisurely whale on a Fifth Avenue. Good days ahead for a hot-doggist like myself. But it took forever for the goddamn joint to open, and on my very first visit, the owner was mad dickish to me. No big deal -- I'm in this for wieners in buns, not friends. And while that first dog was meh-to-good, more than anything it was just a relief. After that day, I walked past dozens more times and never again stopped.

And so it goes with the new Rose 'N Roses tune streaming. It's a rock song, it's good, but not 13 years good. And the owner is a dick. Like the hot dog, "Chinese Democracy" was great during the time it took to consume it. But now I can't remember much -- some unnecessary guitar fills, Axl's baritone, Chinese people talking blah blah blah. This is the big album closer?

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