If I'm ever in a sleazy, dirty rock band with tons of suggestive lyrics -- it's just a matter of time -- I hope that our fanbase to some extent will include young rockers too green to understand wink-wink double entendres and innuendos. Why? Well, I was once one of those pre-pubescent lads confidently strutting around school, unwittingly singing about the joys of "Sport'n A Woody" and the "Teas'n" and the "Pleas'n" of area chicks. Ah Dangerous Toys. Good times. From Blabbermouth:
Dangerous Toys will celebrate its 20th anniversary on Saturday, November 8 at the Red Eyed Fly in Austin, Texas. The group's lineup, consisting of all original members, will perform a two-hour set, featuring the No. 1 MTV video hits "Teasin' Pleasin'" and "Scared" from their platinum 1989 debut. 
In other news, check out this adorable small-town newspaper piece. Awwww. 

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