Since the L.A. kickoff of Overkill's run of dates with Warbringer earlier this month, reports have been streaming into HooM! HQ that the veteran thrash band has finally responded to Avenged Sevenfold's plagiarism of Charlie, the Overkill logo (compare). No source has witnessed a spoken statement, but rather that the back of a t-shirt prominently displayed at merch tables reads 'GET YOUR OWN FUCKING LOGO.' This shirt, whose front features an image of Charlie, the phrase 'THIS ONE IS OURS,' and Overkill origin date, has been around at shows since January and we at HooM! say FUCKING FINALLY. That said, I hope no one raises objections to our forthcoming chain of HooM! hamburger restaurants and the giant yellow double-arch that we've selected as our corporate logo. For some reason, our test groups showed instant high recognition of the emblem, with a stunning 99% association rate with hamburgers and, inexplicably, scary clowns with nightmarish striped clothing. We've got it made!

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Anonymous said...

it's Chally not Charlie