This has come up before, but man things are getting a little heated about the presidential elections. Nobody seems to be cool or detached; there's a marked lack of confidence in each pissy voter. The greedy and backward are nervous as shit about the not white guy; meanwhile, the underprivileged and the intelligentsia can't believe the race is even close. And though this sucks ass to contemplate, it's better to face our problems so here goes. It would be a landslide for Barack Obama if not for racism. 

No one at HooM! is trying to put words in anyone's mouths (just dongs, natch), but it was seemingly in this spirit that Dallas Coyle of God Forbid raged wildly in his October 9 Metal Sucks guest blog. Coyle had John McCain figured as a racist, not exactly an outlandish claim. But the killer guitarist and songwriter with awesome hair zeroed in on McCain's "that one" remark, when actually all you have to do is look at the guy. He's so White. Yessss, that's a capital w. But MS commenters rushed to detail dozens of the potentially infinite number of explanations why the "that one" statement isn't racist on its face, blah blah blah. I admit, McCain may not be a racist, but he knew who the fuck was listening. And he's a hopeless gibbering retard if he didn't consider how the words would be interpreted or disambiguated etc etc etc and how that would work to his advantage. Dick!

Anyway, Dallas offered his apologies today. That takes a big man; the commenters on Metal Sucks speak freely and with passion. Especially the Disturbed defenders. And now I shall do the same: Dallas Coyle, I reject your apology. In your anger, you may have neglected the logical basis of your argument. (More likely it's because one requires half a brain to understand the facets of your opinion; I don't qualify since I am so puzzled by the JFK assassination part). But your conclusions and insights are CORRECT!

CORRECT I SAY. So let it be written.

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