After bitching aimlessly non-stop for weeks now, I'm shutting up because the world is neat sometimes. Example: Vince over at MetalSucks wonders about the status of Anthrax, and the same day, 'Thrax drummer Charlie Benante checks in with the following update
We have 13 brand new Anthrax songs, we have four (maybe five) b-sides. The b-sides will be 'Brain Of J' (Pearl Jam), 'Big Eyes' (Cheap Trick), 'New Noise' (The Refused [sic]), 'Running Down A Dream' (Tom Petty) and maybe an Anvil cover — 'Jackhammer'?? Or maybe an Alice Cooper cover — 'We Die Young'?

The new tunes are very strong. We have some old school thrash and some stuff that is like We've Come For You All meets The Sound Of White Noise. This record is not forced — it is a very organic and honest representation of where we are as a band and as writers. There is a six-minute tune called 'Down Goes The Sun', I believe it is one of my favorite songs. The music itself is epic, it sends chills up my spine. 'Face with No Name', 'The Devil You Know', 'Earth On Hell' — all killer. Worship Music should be out in May.
The world would be even neater if Charlie's words weren't so tellingly unimpressive. The first topic of discussion is the killer cover songs slated for b-sides. Who cares? Sure, I've been proud of Anthrax for exercising great taste in cover material -- and not-so-thrilled with their icky practice of releasing said covers as singles. Next, Charlie talks about the not-forced, honest, and organic songs that make up Worship Music. Anthrax has pulled through sketchy times and come out with unadventurous but sturdy heavy rock records, but this new singer? Ugh. You can tell Scott and Charlie were looking at Stone Sour's success, saying "Safe Home" would've charted that high if they'd had the 'right singer.' Less encouraging still is the emphasis on honesty and organic uh organicity -- code words for 'undercooked' 'uninspired,' and 'not good.' 

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