Not to air out the family linens, but one of my aunts is this hopeless trend-hopping yuppie. Years ago, she got into flying fancy kites. Then she wouldn't shut up about tai chi. The following holiday season, she asked for all this Lord Of The Rings cack. Worse still, now she's jetting all over the place to attend U2 concerts. Abominable, I know. 

But she's awesome compared to hipster Metal posers like Ryan Adams (above), king of all hipsters, who recently donned an Iron Maiden shirt at some bullshit concert attended by balding, pimply dicklesses in some unfortunate town. Adams is the quintessential nut-gargling fuckwad, constantly trying in that detestable way to come off like he's not a total pussy. It was bad enough when he was just copying Gram Parsons. But lately on his retard blog, with which he's replaced taking drugs, he's been extolling the virtues of Metal and blathering about how he's so into Metal and eat a dick Ryan Adams. Do Metal people strut around in ironic and ill-fitting thrift store shirts? Thick, black glasses? Nope, because we're not posers. Hipsters the motherfuck out of Metal! 


Vince Neilstein said...

Where is offending post?

Anso said...


Anonymous said...

He deletes his blogs all the time. He probably gets high and writes then is embarrassed to read his own word's.