Many lines were crossed on this week's Rock Of Love Charm School; it goes without saying that the polarizing Megan Hauserman was at the center of the millieu. First, a combustible Rodeo took the sad puppy look off her face momentarily in order to berate Hauserman, whose attempts to innocently cheat were foiled by Brandi M. during the Trashion Show challenge. As usual, those opposing Meggles were sadly out of their skill set, including hostess Sharon Osbourne, who also attempted to shock down the blonde bikini babe in a closing tirade (upsetting Brandi C. to the point of tears, natch). At least Osbourne was wise enough to see through Rodeo's pathetic attempts to tarnish Megan, expelling the stocky barbeque sauce entrepreneuse which led to some choice sore loser action (above).

The premise of the aforementioned Trashion Show challenge was something about having your clothes destroyed while on tour, but somehow salvaging usable outfits from the mess. Osbourne's real life example was how once she was backstage someone spilled wine on her shirt. That's it? No specifics about what show or band? Oh that's right she was busy counting Ozzy's money.

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