I don't care one way or another, but precisely huhwhat is up everybody's asses this week? Gas prices? Taxpayer-funded corporate bailouts? Another historic Mets collapse? The return of Adnan just when we're trying to like Britney again? Lately, when I'm  not getting yelled at on the street, it's an unending eyelash-singeing tirade at w***. The delivery guy hung up on me, my neighbor might have fingered me as our building's reviled mail-stealer, and my b*** ***** ** until nobody ** *************** ** *!! 

Dudes should just chill out, get crunk, maybe listen to (most of) the awesome new Gojira album The Way Of All Flesh. While doing that, imagine the upcoming Soilwork show in your town with goddamn motherfucking Peter Wichers (above) again rocking stage right. And there you are in the front row, swooning. Ya seeing it? The yawning chords of "Fate In Motion"! That pair of pert four-bar mini solos in "One With The Flies"! Doesn't that feel good!? Wow I sound like Richard Simmons. And that's what got me kicked off Letterman. Well and the sparkly short-shorts.  

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