Ventura's Warbringer is awesome live. I can't remember the last time that I've seen a lead singer command the crowd to headbang. Probably because it never happened since I came up in the age of "moshing." Um yeah I'm as angry a hate-filled jerk as the next h-fj but why are we all taking running starts then striking each other? That shit sometimes hurts, but usually just startles the shit outta you mid-toke. And god dammit those dudes sweat all over the fucking place and I'm not ready to wear a rain poncho at the damn show. Why don't we all just headbang? A room full of people headbanging looks coooool.

Sure, dudes will tell you that ahem moshing is about the blowing off of steam and I'm for that. But let's do that in public. And not to each other -- to yuppies! Those fuckers are everywhere. And secondly, I hate dancing that requires such energy that the dancers forget they are listening to music at all. If one is moshing and shit, then that is what he or she is doing; therefore, that person came to the Metal place in order to dance! That's PUSSGAY. Metal people no dance. Metal people do Metal! Raise fist. Bang head. Shout as necessary. Doesn't require a partner. Dancers out of Metal!

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