I think we all shared the same sentiment upon the reunion of Stone Temple Pilots after those few interminable years of inactivity: Pure gratitude. Those guys need more money stat and we the listening public happily rush to empty our pockets to keep Weiland, the DeLeos, and the other guy flush with fine stemware and shiny sport jackets. Well, get your wallets out people and answer the call of more underprivileged rockers: Limp christfucking Bizkit. From a post on the band's Myspace:
Hello my dear family members. Yes, it has been a while. But a while worth the wait. It is getting very close to time to drop the bizkit on the universe. I say this with the absolute best intentions and motivation. We, Limp Bizkit, are excited about the future for us and for you. LBF is the way. LBF is for life. Let's stir some shit up my friends.
That sobering clip of LB front man Fred Durst on Tom Green's dignity-free show this summer seemed to indicate that Durst has hit the absinthe (and/or peyote, mescaline, PCP, glue) pretty hard. Which may be his first cool move. (I was backstage somewhere with him on the eve of Significant Other's release and while everybody partied, all he did was sing along to the record as it blared, intent on demonstrating his ahem skillz. Embarrassing.) At any rate, these days he doesn't exactly look poised to string a bunch of words together set to music -- not without a drool cup anyway. I'm straining for an explanation here, but it must be that the LB camp detected a faint pulse of sympathy for the new Sling Blade-esque Durst, then sprang into action to exploit the instantaneous lapse in universal animosity for all things Limp Bizkit. On the up side, Letters To Cleo also announced their reunion this week. Yeah, that's the up side.

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